Planning and Preparation

  • Creating a customized plan and timetable to meet your needs.
  • Providing oversight and support for entire moving process.
  • Assisting with address changes and utility transfer.
  • Preparing floor plan for new home.
  • Helping with sorting and decision-making about household and personal belongings.
  • Sorting/Labeling of what to keep, donate, sell or recycle.
  • Arrange for appraisal, donation and/or sale of items through network of contacts.
  • Provide network of reliable movers, storage, cleaning services, appraisals, realtors and charities.

Packing and Moving

  • Providing boxes and all packing materials
  • Packing all belongings to be moved with extraordinary care
  • Arrange for professional moving services
  • Coordinate all moving day activites and oversee movers on moving day


  • Arrange furniture according to floor plans
  • Unpack, organize, and put away belongings to recreate familiar personal surroundings
  • Removal of all boxes and packing materials.
  • Setup and connect electronics including TV’s, computers, lamps.
  • Make beds, hang art work, arrange collectibles, set up kitchen, bathroom, and living areas.
  • Provide follow up services as needed.

Prepare Home for Sale

  • Arrange for shipping of items to family or storage of remaing items
  • Sort through remaining belongings in house and arrange for sale or donation.
  • Arrange for large rubbish or hazardous waste pick-up.
  • Set up cleaning service if desired