Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How far in advance should I contact the Senior Move Manager?
A. It is never too early to call. The sooner you call the more time there is to plan and this
will help reduce the stress of moving.

Q. What areas do you service?
A. We work with clients in Syracuse and the surrounding Central New York region.

Q. What if I’m moving out of the area?
A. If your new home is too far for Carmichel and Associates to travel we will still
coordinate your move. We may contact another Senor Move Manager closer to your new
home to do the unpacking and get everything settled according to the plan.

Q. What if I have friends or family that can help?
A. It is great if you have people that are available to help. We will coordinate with them
so that everyone knows the overall plan and to make the most efficient use of everyone’s

Q. Do you ever unpack and settle individuals that come from out of the area?
A. Yes. Carmichel and Associates can coordinate with movers, family members and
other Senior Move Managers to handle the unpacking and settling aspects of your move
even if we have not been involved with setting up the initial plan.

Q. What if I have a pet?
A. Moving is stressful for pets as well as people. Having unfamiliar people around can
be upsetting to animals. Try to have a quiet area away form the main activities, like a
bedroom or bathroom where the pet can stay while packing and moving activities take

Q. What makes you different from a “moving company”?
A. A. Senior Move Manager coordinates all aspects of the relocation before and after the
move. The “movers” actually do one thing only. They transport your packed belongings
and furniture.

Q. What happens to my old confidential documents like bank statements?
A. Carmichel and Associates can arrange for secure disposal of personal papers and

Q. What will happen to family heirlooms that I have kept for my relatives if they are not
in the area and cannot come get them in time for me to move?
A. A few of the options are, to ship the items to relatives, move them to a temporary
location till they can be picked up or store them. Carmichel and Associates will help you
with these or other arrangements.